Milan CLUSTER LED Ceiling Lamp


Ceiling lamp with stamped steel base which acts as both the support for the shade and a heat sink for the three LED DOBs that connect directly to the mains (2 x 11 W + 1 x 7 W).

Polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) di'fusing shade, thermoformed to 3 mm thick with polished opal finish.

Shade a tachment via spherical threaded end in the centre of the shade.


Nebula of voluptuous forms

Nebula-shaped ceiling with diffuser screen in polymetalmetraquilato opalizado brilliant that dissipates the light uniformly. His unique voluptuous appearance gives him character and personality, despite having a slight presence in space. The threaded fixing in the central part of the screen, gives an easy placement and cleaning.

Ceiling lamp with base in steel making both the support function of the decorative screen and heatsink of the 3 PCB led direct to the network that incorporates (2 x11 W + 1 x 7 W).

Polymetalmetrachilate diffuser screen (PMMA), thermoconformed with 3 mm thickness, glossy opal.

Fixation of screen by threaded end with spherical shape in central part of the screen.