Milan CILINDER LED Ceiling Lamp


Ceiling light with stamped steel base. It is presented in di'ferent lacquerings mat white, mat black, burgundy and metallic gold.

Incorporates 11 W LED DOB connected directly to the mains, with satin-fi nish injected polycarbonate inner di'fusing shade that protects the LED, helps distribute light evenly and prevents glare.


Geometric neutrality

Cylindrical ceiling with base in steel. Its geometric shapes give it the necessary neutrality to be incorporated into contract spaces. Its satin diffuser screen protects the led and diffuses light uniformly avoiding glare. We found four lacquered versions with white matt finish, matte black, garnet and metallic gold.

Ceiling mounted with steel base, with two different heights. Minor height model is presented in uniform finish (textured white, marigold gray, garnet and metallic gold) while the higher height, has two exterior finishes: marigold gray and garnet with gold metallic interior.

It incorporates led PCB direct to network of 11 W, with interior diffuser screen in polycarbonate injected satin, which protects the led and, it helps both the uniform diffusion of light and prevents glare.