40W 60x60cm LED Panel Adjustable Colour Temp. 3600lm


LED panel lights allow us to create very bright environments thanks to their square, elegant design. There are widely used in many ways. They are most commonly used in offices, businesses, kitchens, hotels, etc... All LED panels come with an aluminium frame to assure they are protected. These LED panel lights last much longer than conventional panels, that’s why they are the recommended selection when looking to light our installations. Also, they’re a much more ecological alternative. You’ll contribute to preserving the environment while saving 60% on your electrical bill. Don’t wait any longer and discover our wide selection of LED panel lights, found on our online lighting website.


This 60x60cm LED Panel with an Adjustable Colour Temperature has an elegant finish, an aluminium frame lacquered in white and an ultra-thin 9mm design. We can change the colour temperature and brightness of the light using the included Radio-Frequency remote control.

Its 2-faced lighting system emits a brightness of 3600 lumens, which is equivalent to what a conventional 80W fluorescent panel might produce, achieving important energy savings. With an immediate start-up, no sounds and no flickering, this LED Panel is perfect for places in which we want to maximize the lit area, projecting light in a uniform manner without glare. The light it emits is distributed in a uniform manner across a 180º beam angle. This light can vary from a warm white to a cool white, adapting to the immediate needs of an area.

This LED panel is the ideal choice if we're looking for great features and minimal consumption. It's widely used in offices, commercial centers, hospitals, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets, museums, etc., as well as in homes and businesses.

*With the remote control we can control various panels before synchronization. To sync the remote to the panel, hold down the ON/OFF button on the remote when the panel is turned Off. After a few seconds, once the panel turns On, it will flicker and become completely synchronized with the remote control.

*They're installed in false grid ceilings and, in order to install into a false ceiling you will need the recessed kit and to install onto a ceiling you will need the surface or suspension kit.

*We can control up to 50x panels with the remote control.