Round 18W LED Surface Panel with a Selectable Colour Temp. (Dimmable)


Recessed LED ceiling lights are elegant products that are perfect for placing in interior design homes. These LED luminaires are very easy to install but, as they have a recessed design, a ceiling opening is required for installation. Users that are thinking of acquiring a recessed LED ceiling lights must keep in mind that depending on the size of the diameter chosen, you will receive a determined amount of watts. The larger the diameter: the higher the wattage, meaning brighter light. VOLANI puts at your disposal this wide variety of recessed ceiling lights on their online shop. Get ready to discover them and start saving with LED technology.


This Round 18W UltraSlim LED Panel stands out for its thin design which is perfect for when we don't have enogugh space above the ceiling to install larger lights. We can change the colour temperature and adjust the brightness using the radio-frequency remote control.

The remote (sold separately), allows us to change the colour temperature and dim up to 10-20 panels within a 10 metre range. The light can go from an inviting warm white to a cool white, depending on the requirements of the area in which it's installed. It features an SMD LED light source that provides high quality light that's distributed at a 120º angle. Given its features, it's perfect for replacing halogen luminaires of up to 120W.

It also has a 30,000 hour working life.

Characteristics of this Round 18W LED Surface Panel

The main advantage of this type of LED lighting is the reduced size, allowing us to install it in false ceilings, even if there's hardly any room. Also, the reduced consumption and high durability allow us to drastically reduce our lighting bill, maintenance costs and also on the replacement of luminaires. Enjoy this Round 18W UltraSlim LED Panel at an unbeatable price, only available here at, our online lighting shop.

To change the colour temperature and adjust the brightness, we will require the remote control.