Round 6W LED Surface Panel


Surface mounted LED lights are the type of product that adapt perfectly to any indoor space, providing an elegant touch to anywhere they’re installed. Consisting of an LED luminaire that’s easy to install, they don’t require a ceiling opening as they feature a trim that houses their driver inside. At you’ll find a wide variety of flush ceilings lights. They’re the perfect product both for professionals installing in large spaces and also in domestic households, as their characteristics vary in function with the needs of each individual user. Explore our online lighting website and acquire the best quality surface mounted LED lights at spectacular prices!

Colour Temperature

This Round 6W LED Surface Panel, whose main feature is its ease of installation on any type of ceiling, be it plaster, concrete or any other surface, has a 120° opening angle and provides a very evenly distributed light.  

Recommended for buildings that are either under construction or have just been completed, they can replace existing light bulbs in homes, offices, waiting rooms, bars, etc.

Includes Driver.


To dim this panel, purchase the corresponding dimmable driver.